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All this time, you have shown the beauty of Sri Lanka to your guests. But did you ever show the beauty of the Sri Lankan night sky to them? In case you did not, this is your chance.

Sri Lanka is a country that is situated near the equator. Because of this, one cannot observe the night sky from the north pole or the south pole the way you can observe the sky from Sri Lanka. For example, the well-known Orion constellation can be observed right above us in Sri Lanka, unlike in Europe, where you can see the Orion in the southern horizon. Sri Lanka can be identified as one of the best places to observe such celestial objects for those who live in the North Pole.

 Sri Lanka is also one of the ideal places to observe clusters of stars, nebulas, craters on the moon, the beautiful rings of Saturn, and the sub planets of Jupiter. We have all the modern, computerized telescopes that are required to observe these fascinating celestial objects properly. Also, we have the most experienced, brilliant team and employees as well. Therefore, you should definitely add stargazing to the bucket list of your next travel group.

 So far, we have  covered more than 25 stargazing projects in hotels all around Sri Lanka. Also we have given the opportunity of stargazing to more than a thousand tourists by now. The following images are from our projects, where we provided our service of stargazing and discovering the wonders of the universe to our international  as well as local tourists.

These observations can be made from 6 p.m. to 10p.m., and we can take your travel group on a journey around the universe within this time.

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