Pidurangala Sky safari & Jungle Safari at Night

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Pidurangala Sky safari

Get this most rare opportunity to observe the night sky from the top of the Pidurangala mountain ,from where you can also observe the Sigiriya rock. Here you can find the cleanest environment and an atmosphere free from light pollution and air pollution, ideal for stargazing. You can observe the sky very clearly by using our modern, advanced telescopes. Our experienced team is ready to help you and walk you through this journey. During this session, you will be able to observe craters on the moon, constellations, clusters of stars, nebulas, planets, and much more.

Apart from the above, we will also be providing you with the opportunity to observe the sunset behind the Sigiriya rock. This is a very beautiful scene. This observation session is available for four hours, from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. Only 10 people will be given this opportunity per day, and each person will be charged 25 USD for it. It takes about an hour to reach the top of Pidurangala mountain, and this journey is quite difficult as well.

 Night safari

After stargazing from Pidurangala Mountain,  you can join the second journey to watch the wildlife around Sigiriya Forest. Here you will be able to observe the night walks of wild animals like the fishing cat, the jungle cat (Felis chaus), also called the reed cat or loris animal, 3-4 species of owls, elk, mouse deer, ant-eater, crocodile, and elephants.

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